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Deep Tissue Massage in Chicago: Body Health Care

Deep Tissue Massage:

How to Improve Well-Being, Restore Muscle Tone, and Mobility

Therapeutic massage is a form of alternative medicine used to treat chronic pain in tissues, relieve muscle spasms, rehabilitate after injuries, and alleviate body stiffness. Massage therapy is gaining popularity in the prevention and treatment of psychological and emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Massage is an effective relaxation technique that helps reduce muscle tension, induce feelings of calmness, and deep relaxation.

Some massage techniques can tame feelings of fear and anxiety, as well as alleviate symptoms of panic disorder. At a physiological level, relaxation practices can improve blood circulation in muscle and connective tissue, reduce muscle pain, and normalize tissue metabolism.

Come for a deep tissue massage in Chicago to experience ease of movement and relieve your body from stiffness and pain!

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
Among Other Types of Massage Techniques

Massage therapists offer various types of therapeutic massage. Massages often differ in pressure and focus on specific muscle groups depending on the style. The main goal of massage techniques is to address issues with body structure and muscle condition and support overall body tone.

The most common types of massage are:

Among the basic techniques of any type of massage are tapping, kneading, warming up, pressing, and vibration, which are performed with different intensities and pressure forces.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is one of the safest techniques for alleviating myofascial pain. It provides deep muscle massage, which is damaged due to inflammation of the fascia, clamps, impaired blood circulation, and tissue hypoxia. After the procedure, the muscles experience incredible relaxation.

Deep tissue massage is used to treat:

Deep tissue massage techniques differ from the classic technique and consist of smooth movements with strong pressure to relieve tension in deep muscles and connective tissues. Massage is performed with fingertips, finger joints, thumbs, palms, elbows, forearms. These techniques allow for relieving tension in tissues, stretching them, and restoring the original proportions of the fascia. Deep tissue massage is performed in areas of discomfort (back, neck, shoulders, , hips, legs). Massage can be painful because the massage therapist works on areas where there are adhesions or scar tissue.

Usually, deep tissue massage lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, and the patient can tolerate discomfort and pain sensations in problem areas during this time.

Main Differences Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Therapy is similar to Swedish technique and execution of massage movements, the main difference being the depth of pressure and intensity.

Comparative table of techniques:

It is prescribed for patients who are undergoing this procedure for the first time and have a high sensitivity to pain.

Suitable for patients who are ready for some discomfort and the appearance of possible painful sensations. Massage is aimed at both the whole body and the problem area.

Suitable for treating stress and for relaxation .

Deep tissue massage works in traumatized areas and is effective for severe pain in the muscles of the neck, back, and lower back.

Surface processing of muscles and fascia.

More intense work on deeper layers of muscle tissue, fascia, and dense connective tissue.

The main effect is relaxation and stimulation of nerve endings.

The main effect is the relief of myofascial pain.

Therapeutic effect—improvement of blood circulation in muscles and fascia.

Therapeutic effect—direct impact on active trigger points of the back, shoulder girdle, and lower back. The procedure significantly improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system, normalizes the functioning of muscles, tendon, and ligaments, and, most importantly, relieves muscle soreness.

Feel the power

of Classic Massage Services

Relax and recover with a full body massage in Chicago.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

This form of massage positively impacts physical and psychological well-being, making it well-suited for treating chronic pain and a popular form of therapy among deep relaxation enthusiasts. The massage focuses on stiffness in muscles, fascia, and connective tissue. Deep tissue massage accelerates muscle recovery and alleviates pain.

The main advantages of deep tissue massage include:

Side Effects of Deep Tissue Massage

To fully experience all the benefits of deep tissue massage, it is best to undergo a full therapy course with a 3-6 month interval. Massage is beneficial even after one session if you experience acute pain in trigger points.

Before the procedure, the massage therapist should warn about possible side effects:

However, deep tissue massage is often safe for most people, except those diagnosed with blood pathologies, osteoporosis, and chronic diseases in the acute stage.

Recommendations After Deep Tissue Massage

To relieve the tissue recovery period after massage sessions, it is necessary to follow these recommendations:

Skilled Massage Therapists in Chicago

If you want to try deep tissue massage, we recommend contacting “Massage Bliss and Bodywork” studio. Licensed massage therapists here understand human anatomy and know how to relieve your pain.

They are proficient in therapeutic and deep tissue massage techniques and pay special attention to problematic areas of the body.

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In today’s world, where stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and monotonous work lead to the spread of spinal and internal organ diseases, massage has become extremely important. It helps to relax muscles, improve sleep, relieve stress, and improve emotional well-being. Before the procedure, consult with a therapist to exclude possible side effects and complications.

Schedule a session of deep tissue massage with our experts to improve your well-being.



Contact Massage Bliss and Bodywork for comprehensive support for your well-being. Our programs offer a comprehensive approach to your health and special discounts on services.


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Contact Massage Bliss and Bodywork for comprehensive support for your well-being. Our programs offer a comprehensive approach to your health and special discounts on services.


Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm
415 West Huron street, L1, Chicago, 60654, Illinois,USA
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